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Design & Planning


Harrison Homes Builders work alongside many architects that are well experienced in the bespoke building sector, using your ideas and our experience they will draw up the plans for the building work you require, whether it is new build, house extension, garage conversion, barn conversion etc.

We will listen to what you want to achieve and advise on the design options available to you. You can then select the option that suits you best. You will need to take into account issues such as your budget as well as your personal taste in the look you require for your house.


All our planning drawings are produced by our experienced architects and are detailed to reflect the quality of the finished bespoke home.

Our design team includes experienced designers who understand both architectural principles and the construction processes from start to finish. In close consultation with our clients our design team will produce full floor and elevation plans to be presented for submission to the planning authorities.

Using sophisticated ‘state of the art’ software we are able to provide our clients with both 2 dimensional drawings and a unique virtual reality 3D fly through of their home.

Structural Calculations

A vital part of building regulations are structural calculations, this is a service we are able to offer via our network of structural engineers.

A structural calculations report provides a full outline of design and build work to be carried out. It is minutely detailed and will include such information on how the foundations are to be dug, materials required, structural works, supporting walls, measurements, beams, joists, rafters, load bearings and concrete reinforcement or steel connection calculations.

The structural calculations also have the benefit of giving the client confidence that any design on paper will work in practice.